Orange County Dental Urgent Care in 3 Locations

ParSian Dental Center, Emergency Department, is a full-service emergency dental care service. Alleviating immediate pain and stabilizing the dental emergency is our primary focus.

                                                                      TEL: (949) 333-3333 & (714) 282-9966                                                                        Our staff is on-call 24 hours / 7 days a week. OFFICE HOURS:                                                              MONDAY TO SUNDAY: 8 AM TO 10 PM


Services include:                                                                                                                         Wide range of dental treatments including Dental Emergencies: extractions, denture and partial repair, repair of chipped/broken teeth, emergency root canals and repair of broken fillings. We are dedicated to consistently providing high customer service and quality products. 


1. City of Irvine: 14130 Culver Drive, Suite 30i, Irvine, CA 92865 (Next to Super-Irvine)  

2. City of Orange: 1916 North Tustin Ave, Orange, CA, 92865 (Next to Darya Restaurant)

3. City of Santa Ana: 2001 West 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA, 92706.


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